My Recent Reviews

Karen D.

As our selling agent, Lesley Barton was spot on with the price point for our home. Her staging suggestions, attention for detail, and professional photography were key to the successful marketing and sale of our home. Look no further for a better real estate pro.

Michael M.

I haven't really "traditionally bought" a house before. I assumed my last home, so the process was intimidating to me. Once my loan was pre-approved, again, lost. On a whim, I asked Facebook. The responses were overwhelming to go to Lesley Barton. So I did. Lesley walked me through everything. Including my ridiculous schedule. After I visited the home (I eventually bought), Lesley took over. If there was an inspection or something needing to be done, she got it. I was constantly being updated on every aspect of home buying process. Look, we missed a closing date by 4 days (VAs fault). I met, for the first time, my step sister. If we closed on the original date, I'd have never met her. It was meant to be delayed. Yeah, y'all go see Lesley and Berlie. It'll be the best home buying experience.

Lisa D.

I met Lesley while escaping the brutal Michigan winters in 2019. We were JUST beginning our research into purchasing or building here in SW FL. With her upbeat personality, attention to my every question, and her patience with my lack of knowledge, I knew I had found a good match with our realtor. I spent 2 winter seasons in FL in a fifth wheel and last year in a Cape Coral rental, all the while picking Lesleys brain about building codes, available properties and reputable contractors and tradesmen for our hopeful project. 3 seasons. 3. I asked so much of this highly knowledgeable and extremely motivated woman; she answered every question and guided us toward the best people for our needs. Returned phone calls within minutes, extremely efficient and well connected with local businesses. What a blessing for us! August 2021, we finally tied up our loose ends here in Michigan and began a REAL home search. With the market demanding immediate action and response, Lesley investigated all our homes of interest, steered us clear of the big issues = bad homes and we ended up bidding on and landing the best home for us. Lesleys intuitive guidance coupled with her keen prowess regarding the navigation of complicated Florida real estate was the ONLY reason we won our little slice of palm tree bordered paradise. Accurate, aggressive and quick is essential in this game and Lesley executes this well as the pro that she is. Even after the sale, she has been a GREAT help to suggest and coordinate our tradesmen and contractors for the anticipated improvements of our 50 year old home. I would not hesitate a moment to recommend Lesley and her team for any real estate endeavor. I am very grateful for her expertise and consistently offering her valuable time and advice. We are thrilled to be her clients and now, Florida friends!

Barbara G.

I recently contacted Lesley Barton regarding the sale of a lot I owned in Port Charlotte, Florida. She was very knowledgeable about property market in the area. She explained the whole process of selling the property, the costs involved, and who would be contacting me for the closing. She made me feel very comfortable through the entire sale. I would highly recommend her as the sales agent in selling or purchasing property. I really wish her the best in all future endeavors!

Kim E.

Lesley was amazing! We were looking for some property to buy for a future 2nd home. Lesley was extremely knowledgeable, experienced and knew the area so well. Her expertise really put us at ease. She was so helpful, it took away any stress or worry we initially had. This was the first time we'd ever bought vacant land. I can't say enough about what a pleasure it was, working with Lesley! She definitely puts her clients first!

Scott B.

I have purchased more than one property from Lesley. She exemplified an expert knowledge in the local areas. She also pays attention to detail regarding any potential drawbacks or flaws regarding a property And communicated that freely. In addition to this, Lesley shows remarkable knowledge around real estate law, process and procedure. I highly recommend her and would bet that she is a far superior agent over anyone.

Mary W.

Five stars and beyond. I really enjoyed working with Lesley. She keeps you up with everything,; you are prepared for everything because Lesley gives you all the information you need; you never feel you are alone. Working with Lesley has been a joy , she has a lovely sense of humor, she's a keeper.

Joseph S.

Lesley was phenomenal. She listed and sold a piece of Florida land that had been in our family since 1967. Not beach front, not close to the water, not even on a canal or waterway. Just land that backed up to a school. I thought this would be a multi-year process. This was not the most desirable property in sunny Florida. While it took longer than Lesley's usual "5 days and sold" listings, Lesley was persistent, creative, and spot on with the price, and we finally sold in a no contingencies, cash deal. Lesley checked in often, and gave sage advice, even if it was to hold out for more money, which extended the list time and her stats! Thanks Lesley!! I'd recommend you to anyone!!!

Joseph S.

Lesley was phenomenal. She listed and sold a piece of Florida land that had been in our family since 1967. Not beach front, not close to the water, not even on a canal or waterway. Just land that backed up to a school. I thought this would be a multi-year process. This was not the most desirable property in sunny Florida. While it took longer than Lesley's usual "5 days and sold" listings, Lesley was persistent, creative, and spot on with the price, and we finally sold in a no contingencies, cash deal. Lesley checked in often, and gave sage advice, even if it was to hold out for more money, which extended the list time and her stats! Thanks Lesley!! I'd recommend you to anyone!!!

Eric H.

Lesley made our buying experience a pleasure, she went above and beyond in every way for us. We ended up building and she has been there for us every step of the way, we truly appreciate dedication she puts into her job.

Giselle F.

Lesley is seriously dedicated to her profession. She is always upbeat and enthusiastic. Always available to answer our calls and questions. She Has many connections to help with any needs for a new home. We would recommend her highly! Her positive attitude and eagerness to help is a winning combination!

Gary T.

Due to the Covid virus Leslie and I did not actually meet face to face yet I feel like I really got to know her.She is a very sweet and caring lady.It has been my pleasure to work with her.This girl really knows her business.I definitely will recommend Leslie to my friends and neighbors with high regard. A big thank you goes to Leslie for helping me sell my home as well as finding me a new one. Also a tremendous thank you to her team she has put together, just wonderful.

Staci H.

Lesley's dedication to her profession goes unsurpassed. I've had the pleasure of working with her in 2018 and again in 2021. When we decided to pick up a few more lots in 2021, I went back to her. Not only is she intimately familiar with the area, regional builders, and local ordinances, she is hard working and extremely dedicated to fulfilling the requirements of her clients. Her communication skills are exceptional and although we were not buying a house or planning to build immediately, the amount of attention that we were given to our land purchases were not minimalized in any way. It is apparent that Lesley is not driven by income but a great desire to please her clients. I highly recommend using Lesley for any type of purchase in the region.

Michael & Jan G.

Leslie has been a pleasure to work with. Our needs were always a priority and she was available 24/7. Her local knowledge is extensive and her word is her bond. Wished she lived next door.

Todd Y.

We were interested in purchasing a home in Punta Gorda but lived out of state. The current market made it seem impossible to pull off until we contacted Leslie. She walked us through the process. At each step she contacted the service providers we needed. For example, what does insurance cost on a particular home? In 24 hrs. Leslie had us three quotes. She also had the contacts to get quotes and ultimately service providers to fix the issues from the home inspection report. She stayed in close contact with us and ALWAYS returned calls immediately. I didn't have to research anything. I forwarded all my questions to her and she found the answers. It took most of the stress out of the process. She even follows up with you after the closing to continue making the transition to the area an easier process. I feel she definitely earned her money.

Tavy Y.

Leslie helped us purchase our final home in a location new to us. We were out of state buyers so her vast knowledge helped very much in our purchase. She goes above and beyond with insurance quotes, lender selections, inspections, and all things needed to purchase our home. She made sure this purchase was as smooth as it could ever be. And she also made sure we didn't make a mistake concerning the construction and elevation. I highly recommend her! Superstar realtor!

Kyle P.

This is the third property I have bought with Lesley. She provides me with all of the information I need to make educated decisions throughout the whole home buying process.

Michael L.

A real go-getter that communicates very well.

Jonathan S.

Lesley is a true expert at what she does! She truly cares about her clients and forms lasting relationships with them. She always goes beyond what's required of her to make sure her clients have the best experience possible.

Tracy L.

Lesley's write up on the property was amazing! The aerial views and photography was awesome. Offers began on Day 1. By Day 2, there were 2,464 views and 210 saves on Zillow. She was able to handle this volume of ever increasing interest, as she displayed knowledge of the area, great professionalism, courtesy, and a commitment to the homeowners. She navigated this sale through other realtors, attorneys, her clients, and the homeowners. As a result of her expertise, the property sold for $75,000 above asking price, and well above the appraisal price. She was a pleasure to work with and we highly recommend her.

Kathryn W.

I am a local attorney in Charlotte County. Lesley did a wonderful job selling my clients home for the highest price. She made the experience easy for the them. She worked well with both attorneys involved and always kept us fully informed in the process. She would immediately return my phone call or email as well as my clients phone call. Lesley went above and beyond for my clients in this difficult time. I would absolutely recommend her and will use her services again in the future.

Mario T.

Lesley went above and beyond to help me with my needs. She listened and worked very hard with me to sell my home.

Rita S.

Lesley Barton loves to make her clients happy! Her knowledge and abilities helped us to make these real estate decisions with confidence. She made sure that we had every bit of information about the home, area, city, HOA, and financial criteria before any decisions were made. She is always there to answer questions. Lesley has become a friend and neighbor during this process! We highly recommend Lesley.

Lisa & Lance B.

Leslie made it possible for my husband and I to purchase our little house here in SW Florida. I was down here from Virginia on a work assignment and wanted to explore the option of buying because I liked it so much. Leslie was just the person to help us, because she was so knowledgeable about the local market and housing trends and passed along what we needed to know to move forward. We bought in 2018, and are completely happy with Leslie, but that's not the end of the story. She has become a dear friend, and she continues to assist when we need advice about maintenance or repair issues. We have a partner for any real estate need we have, but more importantly, we have a dear friend. Leslie goes beyond the extra mile; she goes the extra light year for you.

Stephen D.

Lesley is completely dedicated to each client. She is knowledgeable about the area, has connections with other professionals, such as lending, and will work tirelessly for what you are looking for.

Lidice D.

Lesley went above and beyond in helping me find my first home! I met with several realtors prior to having the good fortune of finding Lesley and none would compare to her dedicated and comforting work ethic. Lesley jumped through many hoops along with my lender and I, including high student loans, difficult shortages due to COVID19 precautions, and all along she communicated openly with me and kept me informed of every step. Her experience with the housing market is unbeatable. Lesley takes the time not only to show the homes but also educate the buyer on their options. I can wholeheartedly say I'm a new homeowner because of her outstanding help. Thank you so much for everything. I hope many other buyers have the amazing opportunity of working with you. More than my realtor, Lesley has become a dear friend. Liddy.

Janice M.

Lesley went above and beyond what any realtor should be doing regardless of what we were looking for she was always willing to help us with no complaints I highly recommend hiring Lesley if you need to sell or buy a home she made the transaction very easy


Her work ethic was unreal... Knowledge, knew every property detail I wanted, I would never suggest anyone else it's her field of expertise!!! Five stars!!!

James K.

I must say Lesley was a joy to work with selling my property. She is extremely knowledgeable and goes above and beyond!!

Dana T.

Lesley is a very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional realtor. She works hard to match you up with your perfect home. We count Lesley as a wonderful friend as well as an excellent realtor.

Greg & Suzette H.

We have worked with Lesley and found her to be awesome! We have done both small land deals as well as home purchases with her and she has done great for us with excellent follow-up in both cases. I would recommend her for all your real estate needs.

Geoffrey R.

If you are looking for a top-class concierge-type service Lesley is the one to call. She's knowledgeable, passionate, extremely detailed, and seems to be available 24/7. I've had the pleasure of working with her for a few years now and am extremely satisfied. Way to set the bar, Lesley.